Embracing the perfection in our flaws.

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Changing our lives and looks in 3 short minutes with 3 simple steps.

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Our Simple Self-care Story

As health professionals and mothers, we found ourselves wearing many hats and filling many roles- always caring for others. Even though we found joy and purpose in caring for others, we lacked a way to deeply care for ourselves.   We needed it to be simple, sustainable, and impactful. We wanted to look better and feel better so we can do better. When we couldn't find what we were looking for, we set out to create it ourselves.  

Our vision  for Take 3 For Me is to create a mindset and a community that embraces our beautiful imperfections while striving to be the best version of ourselves- both inside and out.  We strive to care deeply for ourselves so that we may care just as deeply for others. 

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"The more I slow down, the faster great things come to me."

Dr. Catherine Murphy